style is just a matter of choice and expression

style is just a matter of choice and expression

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Boho outfit today

The skirt is from American Eagle and the top was a last year find at charolet ruse the jacket is from gaberal brothers and flip flops are from wet seal. The owl ring is forever 21 ( always makes me think of my nan she loves owls ) the braclets I have videos on I'll post it below. Was a diy skull braclet I made just had the beads.

if you like my charm bracelet here is what i did .. 

My outfits last few days

The teal leopard high low dress is from wet seal.

The nude dress is also from wet seal.

The nude shirt with brown tank under it came from charolet ruse

The overalls are from rue 21

The crop top is from body central.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

New , old addiction charm bracelets

Ok so I was one for charm bracelets back in the day! I'd get as many charms as I could on one necklace or bracelet!
Maybe that is coming back to me. Lol I have been slowly going through all my stuff and decided to down size on a lot. Necklaces and bracelet are one of these things I'm going through now.
I have a ton of jewelry from friends and family , I want to keep but don't really wear necklaces much. Decided to add all my charms to braclets! And I am still scrap booking so will save some of them for my books! Check back for more diys soon!!  I'll have a good bit I'm sure but this is the one I am working on now.
Just some memories on a chain love the idea and meaning.
Found some really cute dangles at Michael's. Decided to pick them up and add them onto my bracelet. 
If you want a closer look at them I have a youtube video at bottom of this post.
And will be working with all my jewelry so if you would like a update on what I'm all doing let me know will do a video and go through all the charms!
Working on a vintage one now with my nans charms :) will be super meaningful.
After checking out they gave me 2 40% off regular price item so you know I'll be going back ... haul soon ;)

the little single charms where .99 cents and the birdcage and the trinkettes set where 3.99 

here is my youtube video of the haul better look into the charms. they are super cute and great quality for the price ! 

took me a little time but i finally got them all added to my bracelet ! love it I cant wait to finish all my other ones! let me know if you want me to do a video going over all of them. my new obsession at the moment. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Jean destroyed vest, studded leggings high low top

So I was cleaning out my closet just trying random things on, to try to get rid of some things, randomly tried these things on and liked it enough to call a outfit lol

The jacket was a thrift store find I destroyed.  I have few youtube videos on how to revamp old clothes. The leggings where a rue 21 clearance find ( around Christmas ) the orange top came from tj max just recent. The shoes have been my go tos lately.rhey are from famous footwear.

I honestly got rid of all my shoes.i  maybe 3 for each season. I do this time from time look for some new shoe hauls soon !!

Bib overalls are back in fashion ?

Ok so I'm in my 30s... don't get too carried away, I am 31. But I wore bibs all through high school.
And i was so happy to see them coming back into style. and I went crazy and bought few different pairs for summer.

Still looking for a cute long pair. But either way these ones I got at rue21.

They are buy one full price get another half off. Not just bibs but anything full price. I picked these ones out. It's a skirt. Paired it with just a crop top from wet seal. Flip flops are wet seal as well .

Outfit today

Was such a nice day out today ! Need to get all my shorts out. But evenings get cold so I was have Capri on by the end of the evening. 

We had a cookout and just had some family and friends over. Somehow I ended up playing kick ball. Lol

But back to my outfit. The shirt I have on is really a dress from wet seal. It was 8 dollars on clearance and they had many other colors! I just took my hair tie and tied it up and called it a shirt today. I love this color tho! The capris are from rue 21 and where 24.90. Flip flops are another wet seal find they where 6.80. I guess I didn't wear any jewelry or anything simple day :) hope everyone has a great Memorial day!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Simple ripped jeans, butterfly sleeve top and chain rhinestone shoes

Just a fast ootd. Nothing real special,  I was painting this day! But here is what I wore... the shirt came from wet seal of course a wet seal clearance find. I got it 2 weeks ago so hurry and check they might still have it! The tank and jeans I have had forever just your favorite staples :) and the chain shoes I think I have another blogg post on them , but they came from famous footwear. I got them a year ago but they still have some similar!  My ring I have had for long.time but got it from forever 21. I always love their jewelry!  On my toenails is shocking pink by China glaze my altimeter favorite summer nail polish.  I'm pretty sure my toes are always this color !

do you follow my youtube ? here is my 30 second video of my outfit ...

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

clothing shopping haul !

summer is getting closer whats everyone going to wear? here is what I picked up this past month. my youtube clothing haul random mall stores 

Acid was jeans Victoria secret hoodie kind of day.

I have been on the hunt for the perfect acid wash jeans and a acid wash high wasted pencil skirt. However I did fall in love this these, even tho not exactly what I had in mind. I found them at a thrift store so why not ! I love the color. Paired just with a black tank and my favorite peace sign vs hoodie.

Leopard tube dress with ripped jeans

The leopard top is actually a dress. just tied it up with a hair tie. Its still a bit cold some days, as Pennsylvania has bi polar weather.  The dress tho I got it at rue 21. I just love anything mint for spring or summer. Been looking at this dress for awhile. Finally gave in and got it lol The jeans I have had for a long time not sure where they came from. My shoes are from famous footwear. 

Boho simple style dress

The dress is a wet seal clearance find. It was 8 dollars just paired with some nude shoes. The saddles are from wet seal as well.. 6.90

Friday, May 2, 2014

My favorite bag

Out of all the purses I have, I always find myself going back to this old one! Hot Pink lightly faded leather bag. Just some cheap one I picked up I think few years ago at rue 21.