style is just a matter of choice and expression

style is just a matter of choice and expression

Friday, September 19, 2014

Fall outfit

Best part of fall is layers and fashion ♡

Heading out to dinner with the family wanted something comfortable for a Friday night

Destroyed Jean jacket I have had forever

Oversized silk dress tucked in front just to give some shape.

Jeans are Miley Cyrus and as much as I cant stand her ....I do love the jeans so comfy lol

And the fringe boots are my favorite from last year i got from famous footwear
Three this all together and calling a outfit lo

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Simple teal lace top ripped knee jeans

So we are having date day.. wanted to look cute but comfortable! 

Decided to wear these Miley Cyrus jeans. They are stretch and feel as comfortable as leggings. 

The lace top came from charolet ruse and just a basic tank from forever 21.

My shoes where my summer favorite for awhile now. They came from famous footwear.  Chains, rinestones, braided leather just love them !

Leopard print dress crop jeans

Ok so I forget where I got this dress ( think it was one sent to me ) wish I could remember or I shouldn't have ripped off the tag ... it is soooo comfortable!  And soft! Paired with crop jeans that I rolled they are from rue 21. With old ugly pink flip flops.

Leopard print maxi skirt mint top

I have been so into the color mint lately! Something as too much of the same color.... surely not right ?

I picked up this leopard maxi skirt at gabes the shirt was a wet seal find ( last year) and my tank was super cute as well ( can't tell from the photo) had open back all rose lace back and ribbed in front ( tank also from wet seal )

Just threw some flip flops on. Super comfortable! Great for a road trip with the hubs ♡

Lace maxi dress.. dressed down with a jean jacket

So I went into tj max and seen this maxi skirt in the woman's section... Size small. Was so excited took it into fitting room to realize the maxi skirt fitted for normal height and  is going to be a maxi dress, because I am only 4 11. Lol either way I would make it work! I had to buy it. ♡

This skirt was on clearance for 15 dollars the jean jacket also came from tj max and I paid 25 dollars for it... would not recommend it because it got a hole in the sleeve within a hour of normal wear ( bad fabric ! ) cute but disappointed in it verse the price!

throw a belt and jean jacket on and it dresses it down? Great for the fall weather we have been having!