style is just a matter of choice and expression

style is just a matter of choice and expression

Thursday, December 29, 2011

last min outfit of the day

dont mine my messy hair (;
wjat im wearing where i got 
srug from wet seal 
stud shirt came from body central 
black jeans from rue 21
glitter heels strawberry 29.50 ( only item recently purchased to give a price ) 

here are all my sites u can find me or follow me on just because if in not on one i will be on another i update these daily ! 

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

leopard print leggings

these are one of my favorite leggings ! i got them at Charlotte ruse for 4.99 
but i have noticed i see them all over now 
you can also find them at rue 21 i just seen them a few days ago 
i think they dress anything up ! 
u can wear uggs like i did here or dress up and wear heals 
looks great with a sweater dress or a jean skirt 

Monday, November 7, 2011

vintage clutch

before my nan passed she had given me alot of her handbags .. i love the feel of a vintage bag and can fit into really any kind of style ...

this is the one i carried today its nicely broke in not too small im blessed to have my nans bags and love to work them with my daily outfits

make sure u check thrift stores or grandparents closets u never know what treasures u will find (:

Sunday, November 6, 2011

nov 7th what i wore

fashion lets us express our personality with first expression before they get to know u for what really matters ... so what am i wearing ?

sparkles boots i love them so comfy !
my jeans i think came from rue 21 over a year ago im sorry i dont remember where i got them but i get alot of wear out of them for sure one of my favs !
the studded tank came from Charlotte ruse in clearance rack think i paid 2 dollars for !
the gray cardigan came from wet seal !
and the jacket i got last year at walmart ! held up amazing was impressed