style is just a matter of choice and expression

style is just a matter of choice and expression

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Simple fall outfit

We decided to go to a haunted house it was a three hour drive one way(cause I had to pick everyone up) it was in connaut lake. It was so weird, they had a amusement park inside a town all spread out.there would be a ride then a house with people living right beside it. Idk if I would want my neighborhood be that but it was neat to see! It was 13 levels ended with roller coaster.check my thoughts of someone blogg for a review on that....this is my fashion blog so what did I wear....a xoxo sweater from body central (years ago) red and a white tank under and ripped jeans from wet seal the boots where a clearance find at famous footwear for 8 dollars(after I bought another clearance shoe full clearance price I got these half off ) without buying another pair these would have been 16! Simple fall outfit

Friday, August 16, 2013

Thrif store finds

So I went thrift shopping and found this button down men's worn out army shirt.  For. 25 cents I thought it would be super cute with studs on the shoulder!!!  And then to Ross where I found this flag shirt that matched amazing.... idk if I will wear together or not but I have home star studs I am going to add onto the flag shirt as well!  The flag shirt was 7.99 so check Ross mine had a ton of them it's a high low tank.  Bit I will post before and after of what I decide to do to them

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Wedged sneakers

I went to gaberrel brothers and found these on clearance had to bring them home!  Thinking these skinnies and oversized sweater waiting for fall...  o did I mention these where 4 dollars?  They had in all colors

Monday, July 29, 2013

Paint splatter shorts with lace top

Boho gypsy style

Just was running around today wanted something comfy . And this outfit was it a lace triers skirt different types of fabric, oversized layered off the shoulder shirt and my purse is a guess bag.  Flip flips where a must. 

Save time, stress , and rushing around

To save time on those rushed days I keep outfits already put together so I can grab and get ready ( not much of a morning person ) fast. .simple idea but saves time

Sunday, July 28, 2013

my son gave me this flower

You see pictures like this all the time, but I was so impressed with this picture I took ! not to mention the meaning behind it! my son aspin is always picking flowers to brighten my day! and on this rainy day I got a great flower and I must say a great shot as well ! thanks aspin for the inspiration xoxo 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Random eye candy

Was going through my rings here are some I reorganized lol I have a mess will add few more most came from eBay some in here are my nans as well 

Outfit today

Leopard dress I got from 5.99 mall great quality although that site is a hit or miss on some items ! The belt I had for years. The sunglasses are from ray bans hair just messy braid 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Meijer find

So I went to Ohio to visit some family, we had a great time! me my husband and my son aspin even stopped at the drive through safariand got to feed the animals.  of course we had to go shopping and these I found on clearance for 20 dollars ! Original price was 59 the where shinny and I thought of summer so had to pick them up to add to my collection ... Let me know your last favorite fashion find happy shopping 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

One of my favorite sunglssses

So comfortable i almost forget they are on afordable as well here is where k got them


Walmart clearance fashion find

Found with clearance tag...  guess how much.......  ? 3 dollars a summer must have check urs to see if u can find a pair: )

Ripped knee

Lace and denim

Lace dress  and Jean jacket... dressed it down with some flip flops...  great summer outfit. 

Bling up the day

Jeans made my me and the shirt came from the deb I paired it up with my favorite ( so old ) belt.... 

Extreme sports is cub scouts too

We are going to pick up garbage for the community with aspins cub scout group.  Monster beenie, hoodie,  and boots it's cold out: )

Teal ombre shirt and mirror glasses

I dip dyed this shirt , love it will be doing a video on how to make sure to follow my YouTube... xoxoamandakisses glasses are from muricies

Tiger, neon yellow and blue o mi

I was told I looked like the 80s ... I'll take that I am a 80s baby at heart after all right?  Haha. Anyway tiger shirt from tj max and yellow jeans are from Macy's wedges are from tj max.  Blue jacket thrift find.. 

Netural outfit

Leopard print jeans I found at Walmart on clearance for 3 dollars!!!!!...  hurry go try to find some they are so comfy and cute!  And to think I almost didn't buy them; ) the shirt I had for a long time and not sure where it came from but this style is in should be easy to find wedges are from tj Max....  stay stylish xoxo

Hello kitty shoes !

How cute are these???  Came from they have 3 , these ones,  silver ones, or leopard!! Love the leopard ones it was a hard choice

Monday, February 11, 2013

Studded heels for 3 dollars !!!!??

Went into rue 21 as always they had ton of clearance items but my favorite one I found was these shoes for 3 dollars!!!!  Picked them up they had black and silver.  The ones I got or they had a open style shoe as well.  Either way great deal hurry up run to rue 21 before they are gone

Leopard print jeans

Leopard print jeans for the day

Friday, January 11, 2013

Outfit with color jeans

My jeans where ones I destroyed distressed and dyed myself I have videos imagoes to on YouTube search xoxoamandakisses the jacket is from wet seal simple black shirt and shoes I have had for years simple yet statement outfit stay creative

Diy studded jeans

Destressed jeans with some studs for details simple gold or black shirt and some heels was my outfit today my jeans are always my staple follow my daily fashion pics on twitter or instagram @ xoxoamandakisses