style is just a matter of choice and expression

style is just a matter of choice and expression

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Lace and destroyed Jean skir... why not

Ok so this t shirt ... yes it's a t-shirt and so comfortable!  I seen this on and thought I didn't have anything like it, was excited for it to get here and was so impressed of material!  It's so soft as most lace is not! Or hot material.  This one is amazing and looks cute!
I just paired this shirt with a Hollister skirt, thought it was great blend and no effort outfit. 
I will be making a bigger order next time, check back for more outfits and maybe a haul :)
really reasonable prices and great shipping! 

Simple fall outfit

Was going for a small road trip today, wanted to be comfortable.

I picked up this high low tank dress new site I came across and figured I would order a few things just to check quality ( prices where amazing )

I have been impressed with this. It's so comfortable,  and find myself always going for this to pair up with a easy outfit.

The jacket was a diy from long time ago. I just died it then studded, the capris or Bermuda shorts? Are from holister shoes famous footwear. Belt charolet ruse. 

Was a nice car ride. And comfortable day.
I will be checking out again and maybe have another haul, they had such cute things!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Shopping find ... New hot pink purse

So I went to Burlington and ran across this purse in a isle of black purses it was just ready to come home with me! It was 24.99. This does have a shoulder strap but I don't really use them, nice to have tho. Lots of space and my other pink purse straps where ripped so I have been looking for the perfect on to replace it. Took me awhile but so glad I bout this. Lots of storage!  Has 2 side pockets a back zip pocket and hug middle. It's easy to wipe off and the gems make it amazing ♡