style is just a matter of choice and expression

style is just a matter of choice and expression

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A week in outfits

Ok so I have missed making reguarly videos and blog posts! I told myself my new years resolution was to have one up daily. So make sure to follow all my other links, I will be doing a daily blog post and weekly videos again! 

I will also being doing a weekly blog post and detailed review on my outfits ( week on a post ) 
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ok blabbing on and on ... onto the outfits 

Here is the same outfit a few different ways with different sweaters.. what color is your favorite?
This blue sweater came from a walmart clearance and this picture does not do it justice its so shinny and pretty in person, just catches the light just right! they had a few colors all on clearance now make sure to check your local walmart to see if they have any left 
just a black plain tank under 
and the leggings came from bon ton. one of the softest most comfortable leggings I have! 
Boots I have mostly worn all winter, they also are from bon ton 

Same outfit only with a red sweater ( also from walmart ) 
This is the one I ended up wearing all day, just thought it gave it the right amount of color 

And this one keeping it more low key lol 
this cardigan  is from bon ton! and originally bought it to go with these leggings 
But I must say I always go back to this cardigan, Its light weight and so comfortable. 

And here it is again! 
cardigan was a bon ton find, just a a semeiotical cut 
the sequin top is a rue 21 find and was in my latest youtube haul a long with a lot of other finds ( I will link it here ) was a clearance find for 2 dollars! 
the skirt was also a 3 dollar clearance find rue 21 

Lazy comfortable day 
just a sweater I picked up at gabes 
black tank 
and purple maxi came from rue 21 

Ok so when I seen these leggings in the store I'm not going to lie I did get excited. 
I love daisy and I am a crazy cat lady throw both of my favorite things and put them on leggings <3 LOL I found these leggings at jcpenny for 9 dollars! the shirts are just plain layering shirts I had 
boots are again bon ton find 

closer look no filter <3 
Just because everyone should have a pair of cat leggings 

This was another  super comfortable outfit, shame I was so sick in this picture I ended up with a really bad case of the flu either way, this outfit kindof made me feel better.. 
the sweater honestly I have had sooooo many years I have no idea where I got it but one of my favorites! few ways you can end up wearing this and it looks different each way. but the long brown one underneath came from wet seal ( and I am so upset both wet seals near me are shutting down :( one of my favorite stores... looks like only online shopping from there now ) 
just a tank under that 
and the leggins where just plain black leggings and I put studs on the knees 
again these boots in every outfit are from bon ton 

Black bat wing shirt and some rose leggings ( I ordered these online ) and the boots I had got years ago at wet seal
they are cute and comfortable only they are Swede so in pa when we have lots of snow and its a wet mess out not the best thing to wear more of a better boot to wear in fall but o well. they matched these leggings amazing 

Last outfit for last week is this one 
this poncho ) I have been obsessed with ponchos lately, when I wear them I always think of my mom for some reason lol ) 
but it came from gabes 
just a brown shirt 
and again these leggings with the studs on the knee 

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